How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch? A Guide for Beginners

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build wordpress website

Build a WordPress site – a step-by-step guide for beginners or/and newbie bloggers who decided to launch a WordPress website or blog. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to buy domain name and hosting using our special discount coupon codes and use that to create a responsive website at a very low cost compared to high-costed web developers.

Well building a website is not too hard as it look likes. Just you need to follow three simple steps to make your own website. It is simple as 123 🙂

Step #1 Choose a domain name – Domain name is just like your mail box. People use it to reach to your site by typing your domain name into their web browser. Moreover in this guide, you will learn exactly how to purchase domain name and from where.

Step #2 Decide a Web-host or hosting server – Web hosting server is a space on the internet where your website’s contents like files, images, videos and other important stuffs will be stored. It will be used to fetch your website from your server to visitor’s browser. We will teach you exactly how and where to purchase hosting plan and setting up to make your site live.

Step #3 Install WordPress, Setup, Design & upload contents – Your site will need a platform on which it will go live or run. And, this work will be done by free software – WordPress CMS. Don’t worry we will guide you how to install and use it with just 1-click.

To build a WP site, you don’t need to be a code-savvy guy to start a website for your blog, business, store, portfolio or forum.

Why Use WordPress for a Website or/and Blog Instead of Website Builders?

Why use the WordPress platform to create a professional site and not website builders? This question may be walking through your mind. It’s because at this point there are no easier / better ways to build a site – more easily and quickly.

However there are a huge number of cool things available in this CMS that force a blogger or new website owner to adapt it. Following are the list of WordPress advantages. Let’s have a look before we move to create a website steps.

It’s completely FREE with plenty of themes/layouts to choose from.

WordPress is open-source CMS (content management system) software and anyone can use it without any limitation for any purpose. It doesn’t cost even a single penny to download or/and install it. You will be happy to know that there’s a large WordPress community available who keep on design great themes and templates for free. You will never feel bore with the uniqueness.

It adapts all types of sites whether a small or large – great for both.

From basic WordPress blogs to beautiful business sites and e-Commerce portals, it can handle almost any kind of website. The World’s biggest technology blog – also use WordPress website and other too including Mozilla, eBay, Reuters, The New Yorker, BBC, Google Ventures, CNN and even NASA.

Your website will be ‘responsive’, will work on mobiles and tablets, too.

Your site will be fully responsive and capable to adapt all screen-size devices. It gives a best user-experience, looking great with retina display too. This will save huge money as you’ll not be needed to hire a web developer.

Wide support forums and developer community always available to help.

There is a large number of people using this website platform including webmasters, bloggers, website development individuals, theme developers and plugin creators, means it’s not too hard to fix any WordPress problem. You will always find quick technical help when you need it. Also, there are a wide-range of free resources available on YouTube, WP support forum and internet.

WP is very user-friendly even for new bloggers and beginners.

WP is the most easy-to-use website builder that’s the reason around 75 million websites run on this platform from all around the world. According to WP, users produce 69.5 million new posts and 46.8 million new comments every month. It also powers more than 25% of the world’s websites. Check out this forbes 2016-17 WP report.

In fact, we also made our website on WP platform. There are other website building platforms available like Drupal and Joomla but we still use WordPress.

How to Buy Domain Name for WordPress Website

Domain name is the address of any website what people type into their browser to view complete website. Ex:, is our domain name and our subscribers type this URL on their browser to check our site. Similarly, you are viewing our site right now.

Hosting account is simply a computer server located anywhere in the world and connected to all internet users with world-wide-web via internet connection. Flash drive or hard disk is a understandable example of a Web host. These types of drives used for data storage (like you do copy-paste) but web hosting server space is not available physically however they can be used through worldwide-web.

How to Purchase a Domain Name?

If you already registered a domain name and want to use that to create a site, you can skip this step and move to second step on How to Purchase & Setup Hosting for WordPress website.

Domain names sell by domain registrar companies like Bigrock, GoDaddy, etc. Both these domain registrars are the most recommended companies to buy domains and they are our favorite too.

We will not only help you in buying domains but will also provide you best deals so that you can save huge money on domain name registration and website hosting plan.

Important: Before you go ahead to get a name for your site, we strongly suggest you to also check social media username availability (like facebook & twitter) for the same domain / brand name you’re going to book. Because it’s very important that your brand name should also available on social sites for a serious business. Go through this guide on how to check username availability in bulk.

Additional tips for choosing a domain name

Well, there are few thinks to consider before choosing your domain name. Here are some key points:

  1. Is it brandable? Suppose if you planning to make a site about home remedies, then is not a good choice and it’s also seems little odd. or is far better. Avoid using slang, hyphens & numbers.
  2. Is it easy to remember? Your domain name should be easy to remember and pronounce. Short and clean names are much easier to remember. It’s important to focus on this point, otherwise your visitors may forget it.
  3. Domain name extension? Domain name extensions are suffixes, ex: .com, .org, .net that usually use at the end of domain name. Do research and choose the extension that work best for your business niche or country.

Once you decide a great name for your site that is also available on different social platforms, you can book a domain name using below promotional links.

Free .Com Domain for 1st Year When Purchased for 2 Years.
.Com Name Booking at Rs.99 Only.
.Net Domain Name Booking at Just Rs.19

Is the above promotional offers expired? Didn’t find any valuable deal? Don’t worry! Check out our special Bigrock domain offers and Godaddy domain promo codes to find great deals and save money while getting a domain.

Go to domain registrars using our promotional links and search for the name you want and proceed to the checkout process. You don’t need to do any upsell, just go with domain (you will get everything from hosting company). Make payment and as soon as you finished other formalities, you will get an email from registrars with the details of your registered name.

Once you grt a name for your WordPress website, next you will need a hosting server.

How to Buy & Set Up Hosting for WordPress Website

Well, this is the important part of your WordPress website and you need to be little active in this step. Choosing a good web hosting company may be critical sometimes when buyer don’t have proper knowledge about hosting companies. But here you don’t need to worry as we will take you to the best webhost and will also suggest you a best web hosting plan for WordPress website or blog.

There are plenty of web hosts out on the internet but deciding a reliable host is a difficult task for beginners. However according to our customer reviews and other web-experts, there is the 3 hosting companies that are out of the box in terms of providing 24×7 customer support, 99.9% website uptime and quality of servers.

Most Recommended Web Hosts

Our most favorite and highly recommended web hosting companies for all types of websites are Bluehost, HostGator and SiteGround.

If you’re from India and your business or/and customers are limited within the Indian boundaries, you can buy hosting from Bluehost India, HostGator India or HostingRaja.

Bluehost – #1 choice for bloggers and web developers. Very affordable without compromising with the quality of servers. If your future plans are not limited to one WordPress website and you’ll launch more than one website, you can go with dedicated server or VPS hosting that is little high in cost compared to shared hosting plans and these servers cost starts from around $20 per month and go upto $200 to $500 per month (depends upon the brand) buy unlimited hosting plan at just $3.95/month (capable to handle upto 20,000 pageviews per day). Very good customer service via telephone, livechat, email, ticket system. We also use Bluehost for our sites.

Bluehost Deal: Buy Unlimited Hosting at Just $3.45 / month.

HostGator – This is another most popular web host that provides affordable WordPress hosting with 24×7 technical support via telephone, livechat, email and ticket system. Company also provide unlimited WordPress hosting service at most competitive rates. Server quality as good as Bluehost.

HostGator Deal: Upto 75% OFF on All Hosting Plans.

SiteGround – A good hosting company since 2004. Company is providing service to around 450,000 domains from all around the world. You can buy hosting plans including linux hosting, Cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated & Virtual Private Server hosting at best rates.

SiteGround Deal: Upto 70% Off on GoGeek Plan + Free Domain.

Steps for Purchasing & Setting up Hosting for WordPress Website

Buying domain name and setup steps are almost same for all three mentioned web hosts including others, however here we are demonstrating you a purchase from Bluehost company.

Step #1 Click here to go to and click on the green button – “get started now”.

Step #2 Choose a plan that best suits your needs from basic (for 1 site), plus (for unlimited sites), prime (for unlimited sites) or GoPro (unlimited sites with dedicated IP & SSL certificate).

If you want to run only one WordPress website, then choose basic plan or If you will launch more WordPress sites in the future, then go for plus (unlimited web hosting plan).

Step #3 On the Sign UP Now page, type your domain name in the field “i have a domain name” and click next button.

wordpress site hosting

Step #4 Now create your account or Sign in with your Google account. Fill up your most accurate information under “account information” field. In the “package information” area, choose the Account Plan subscription terms either 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or 60 months (higher terms subscription, will give you higher discount).

Uncheck additional add-ons like Site Backup Pro & SiteLock Security – Find, if you don’t want increase the hosting cost.

wordpress website hosting setup

Finally, enter your credit card details under payment information or if you want to pay with PayPal, click on more payment options link. Accept the bluehost terms by clicking the check box and hit Submit button.

Getting Access your Hosting Account & Technical Details

Within couple of minutes, you’ll get an email from Bluehost with your hosting account information, invoice & technical details.

You will get details for:

  • Order Information
  • NameServers
  • cPanel / Hosting Control Panel – Login URL, Username & Password.
  • FTP Login information – Host IP, Username & Password
  • Company’s Support Information.

Add Nameservers to your Domain Name & Confirm the Connection

Name Servers (DNS) are used to point your Domain Name to your website or email service. It is required that you maintain at least two Name Servers for your Domain Name.

Look in to the email you received from Bluehost and copy your hosting account’s Name Server 1 & Name Server 1. And, follow below steps to add NameServers to Domain Name and confirm it’s connection.

Login to your domain registrar where you bought domain name from (check your email for login details). Navigate to your Domain’s DNS area and change the current NameServers with the ones provided by your hosting company.

In BigRock, here are the steps to do so.

  • Go to and login to your account.
  • Select the domain name from list of orders you’ve used while purchasing web hosting.
  • Navigate to DNS or Name Server area -> replace existing with yours and click on the button – Update Name Servers.

 nameservers wordpress website

Note: Updating domain nameservers (DNS) may take up to 24 hours to switch over completely, however it is usually fast (less than 15 minutes if you’re in USA, Canada, UK, India, China, Germany, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, and other popular countries).

If changing name-server seems hard to you, just contact your domain registrar and they will update it on behalf of you.

That’s how to setup hosting for WordPress website. Now you need to install WordPress, we are going to cover it further.

How to Install and Configure WordPress Website

WordPress is a most popular and easy content management system (CMS) available on the internet under open-source license, hence you don’t need to pay anything to the WP developers or company. It’s totally free of cost for any type of website.

Using the WordPress plugins, you can add more and more functionality to your website like making a eCommerce site or Consumer Forums and many other things. Setting up self-hosted WordPress website is pretty-easy and can be managed by a simple and easy-to-use admin back-end area.

Well, now we have a website address and a place where our site will go live. On the next, we’ll dive into how to setup a WordPress website.

Installing WordPress using Softaculous Apps Installer

Softaculous is an auto installer program that helps a beginner to install free / opensource applications in a couple of minutes on any hosting account (if enabled by webhost). A user can install an application available in Softaculous without having to download/upload/change any core files.

Step 1. Access you hosting control panel (cPanel).

Check your email for cPanel login details (in most web-hosts, cPanel login URL is Once you logged in to your hosting account. Look for Software/Services.

wordpress install script

Under the tab, click on Softaculous.

Step 2. Find WordPress Installer Script

Now you will have to find the WordPress script installer. Look for WordPress and open it.

wordpress installation

Expand the Blogs category from left navigation and click on WordPress.

Step 3. Run the WordPress Installer Script

Once the WordPress auto-install script launched, then click on Install Now button.

wp site install

It will take you to the steps where you can provide details you want to install your WordPress website.

Step 4. Enter WordPress Website Information in WP Installer

Fill out the information about your WP site and admin details and click Install. See below screenshot for an illustration.

wordpress install softaculous

Here is the idea about what kind of settings you have to choose to make WP site. Follow is the short description about the settings.

Software Setup

  • Choose Protocol – here you have to describe how your website will load. Don’t choose https:// (secure layer connection), if you don’t have a dedicated IP and SSL certificate installed on your hosting server. Choose http:// with or without www. Non-www is recommended because it makes shorter links.
  • Choose Domain – Select a domain name for which you want to install WordPress website (ex:
  • In Directory – remove wp or leave it blank. If you want to install WP on a particular directory or folder, type the name here. Ex: If you want your site to live on then just type site1.

Site Settings

  • Site Name – Type your brand or website name in this field
  • Site Description – Write a short description about your website in max 160 characters.
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU) – Leave this box uncheck.

Admin Account

  • Admin Username – Type an username.
  • Admin Password – Create a strong password. Make sure you don’t forget it later.
  • Admin Email – Type your email address. Make sure your email is correct.

Choose Language

  • Select Language – Leave it default or English.

Select Plugins

  • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) – Optional. This plugin helps in protecting unwanted login attempts or guesses. Better to add it later.

Advanced Options

  • Don’t change any setting in this area until you’re not aware what you are doing. Leave all settings as default as it is.

Finally click on Install button to install WordPress website. Within a few minutes… Hurray! your WordPress website has launched. Now your default WordPress site is ready to use.

If you have any issue while installing WordPress or it looks like a very technical task you can’t handle, just contact your respective web host and they will install WP on your hosting account on behalf of you.

Step 5. Confirm WP Installation and Log in to WordPress Dashboard

Now make sure your newly built WordPress site is live and you’re accessing WP dashboard easily.

To check the default site, type your domain name in the browser and hit enter. Can’t see anything, try cleaning browser cache, cookies and history from browser settings.

Go to your website’s login dashboard via URL –

If you had provided your email in the field: Email installation details to, then you might have got all login details on your email. Check that for more information.

Hope, you’ve successfully launched your website and ready to post useful contents on your site.

How to Use WordPress Dashboard + Initial WP Settings + WordPress Website Customization

In this section, we will introduce you with the basic parts of WordPress dashboard and how to use WP dashboard.

The WP dashboard is the backend area of your website where you can add or change any information on your site. It looks like below screenshot at the first time you install WP.

wordpress dashboard

On the dashboard of your WordPress website, you will find WP widgets that provide news and other basic information about your site. All widgets are capable for drag and drop, hence you can move them according to your needs.

Let’s move to over sidebar, you will find main menu that provide easy access to different area of your site. The sub-menu items will automatically appear when the top menu is selected. Hover the mouse cursor over any menu will also show sub-menu.

The main menu include and its usage:

Dashboard – it is a place where you can see statistics about your site and updates.

Posts – here you can write blog post and publish it on your site. Can be also used to manage existing articles as well as post categories and tags.

Media – media content library to manage your site’s images, videos and audio files.

Pages – for creating and managing your site’s pages like contacts, about, portfolio, blogs, FAQs, etc.

Comments – here you can manage your visitor’s comments / feedbacks like approving, trashing and editing.

Appearance – this place used to customize a WordPress website like change website theme, manage widgets on sidebar, creating custom website menu and much more things to make your site more professional and beautiful.

Plugins – these are extension that give more power to extend the capability of a WordPress website. Use this menu to manage your site’s plugins (adding/activating/deactivating/deleting).

Users – here you will find the complete list of all users on your site including you. Edit your own or any other user’s profile from here like chaning password, email address, nick name, etc.

Tools – used to import / export WordPress website data from one site to another.

Settings – where you can setup a WordPress website core options. Manage website’s name, privacy, comments and permalink settings.

How to Change WordPress Theme

It comes with default WordPress theme – Twenty Seventeen that is not very attractive for professional business websites. So you need a website template that attract new customer and represent your business, buy website themes from thousands of beautiful designs.

There are plenty of pre-designed CMS templates available on the internet. Some of them are free to use and some are paid or premium themes. Instead of using free templates, we recommend you to buy premium responsive themes according to your niche business and CMS platform.

Why do we suggest paid themes? This is because premium themes powered by latest HTML/PHP coding, CSS, optimized for search engines (SEO), retina display, dedicated theme options, Google AdSense or any advertisement options, Page Speed as well as small screen devices like smartphones & tablets and these premium themes comes with many advanced features that allow users to fully manage & customize the look of the WordPress website.

WordPress Themes Deals & Offers

Like web hosting companies, WordPress themes developers are also huge on the internet but finding best can be a smart job.

ThemeForest and TemplateMonster both companies are best in the market that not only sell website themes but also provide top-notch technical support for customization help and they are affordable too. Check out our WordPress themes offers and coupons to save huge money on WordPress premium theme purchase.

WordPress Themes Deals

WordPress Themes Starting at $3.
Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme at just $59
20% OFF on WordPress Themes.

Once you bought a theme for your WordPress blog or site, you need to upload it to your WP site. Here is how?

When everything is ready, login to your newly installed WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance => Themes and upload the newly purchased theme. For more info on how to install a WordPress theme, go through the theme documentation and support forums.

How made it possible to launch a website? Well, with the help of a domain name registration, a hosting plan and a premium WordPress theme, you have create a beautiful WordPress website for your business and blog by following step-by-step instruction above.

Hope this beginner guide to create a WordPress website will be proven help for everyone. Still confused what to do? You can ask help from us without any hesitation. Do comments below for any general query you’re having regarding this guide. If you think that this guide is not enough helpful and you need more information on how to create a WP site, just contact us directly using our contact form.

  1. Radhika mishra said on May 7, 2017 12:29 AM:

    Superb! It is really amazing. Now I become a big fan of your site.

    I never thought making a website with wordpress is so easy but you guys made it possible through this article.

    I have made my first website today just because of you because you explained every step very clearly in the above tutorial. And also many many thanks to help me in saving my money as well. Through your deals you have provided in this guide I got 53% discount on hosting + bought domain in rs 99.

    Making a complete website cost me just 1973.36 rupees included taxes whereas a web designing company in india quoted me 8500 rs for 10 pages static website.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Lalit Sharma said on May 7, 2017 10:00 AM:

      Thank you so much Radhika for this lovely comment and we are happy to know that our guide is really helping people. Just Rs. 1.973.36 for a WordPress, it’s really cheapest and affordable for everyone. But why have you not shared your website with us? Maybe you’re working on that to give that a more professionalize look before you show it to the world.

  2. Susan Velez said on May 9, 2017 7:33 PM:

    Hi @Radhika

    I am also planning to create a blog for technology news which will cover international tech updates. So i just wanna ask you that which hosting company have you chosen and which plan? Because it is my first time and my budget is low and can expend up to max 200$ but not more on that.

    1. Lalit Sharma said on May 10, 2017 7:51 AM:

      @Susan it seems Radhika is taking too long to respond to your query. Well, here is our suggestion for you.

      As your target audience will be from all around the world we will suggest you to signup with Bluehost USA hosting plan. You will get US based server at cost of $3.45 per month that will be total around $125 for three years of unlimited hosting. Buy a domain name from GoDaddy at just $0.99 and $59 for a professional technology blog theme from themeforest.

      So you will get a complete WordPress tech blog at around $184.99 only that will be under your budget.

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